June 23rd, 1944

  He’s dead.  Samuel is dead.  He’s dead.  He just lived the most painful 2 hours of his life trying to hold his stomach from bleeding and I wasn’t even there for him.  I wasn’t there.  Why the hell couldn’t it have been me?  Why?  Why did I even volunteer to join this war, why … Continue reading June 23rd, 1944

June 7th, 1944

As we approached the beaches yesterday, all I could think of was one specific line in the speech General Eisenhower wrote us before we left England, “The free men of the world are marching to victory!”  I felt reassured as we left in the Landing Craft Infantry even though I could not hear myself think … Continue reading June 7th, 1944

June 4th, 1944

Military police everywhere.  No one is allowed out.  We’re going and it’ll be soon… They’re telling us to bring as little of our kit as possible.  But there are so many things I know I will need.  Samuel had no problem.  I sent mom the package with all the presents, she should get it on … Continue reading June 4th, 1944